Sunday, October 03, 2010

Poppa President's Cats For Adoption

Poppa Inc.'s President has lots of cats needing homes, including some familiar faces, like three of the 11 she took in from the 18 Lebanon kittens. She also has two Adair Village FIV positive boys, Big Ben and Adair, both very tame and loving. She has the 8 latest Lebanon kittens, too. If anyone wants to adopt a lovely cat, sure would be nice to help Keni find homes for some of hers. She works too hard, is too kind.

This is one of the Save the Kitten colony kittens, a white calico, living in the woods at that rural Lebanon location where I trapped 41 cats in all. Slurpy is a relative of this kitten.This Lebanon torti even looks like Slurpy and is a close relative, that's for sure, funny, wild, fun and loving.
And this relative of Slurpy, from same situation, has the same wildly friendly and playful exuberant personality. She's so friendly, Keni wishes she could be placed as a therapy cat. Mainly, all three girls just need a home.

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