Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Three Cats Fixed Yesterday

I thought the Lebanon trailer people were really serious about catching the last orange tabby female and the last kitten of the torti today. However, interest seemed to have vanished the moment I left this morning and left them my trap. By tonight, at the other end of the park, where there are two feral calicos who needed caught, the woman there caught one but not the other. Then she revealed she has another unfixed female inside her trailer.

There are then three more adult unfixed females, two of them feral, two more kittens, one of them feral, and one adult male, turning feral because the old woman who owns him is in the hospital and likely won't be back. Six more cats. That's sad. I've already taken in 29 from there to be fixed and I want to be done with it. Six more. Beside the feral torti in my car from there, cat number 30. Bleak!

The neighbors seemed to have made their peace after the screaming match this morning. Hope so. Someone is feeding the fire by feeding the rumor mill. When I saw the man involved in the match at the mailbox, he had some misconceptions about me.

He had been told that those folks found out about the open rental through me, because, according to what he'd been told by an unnamed neighbor, I know the new renters real well because I lived next to them in a Corvallis trailer park. Can you believe that? I have suspicions on which neighbor is spreading this garbage. That's if I cared. I don't.

As for the big dispute over cars, I don't care about that anymore either, especially since the established neighbors are telling tall tales regarding me, probably to just fan the flames and get me out too, as fellow white trash along with the new renters. Whatever, man.

As for my own dispute with CA Vet Supply, no progress, just hostile e-mails from their "customer service". Customer service. Hmmm, that's like a relic from ages past. No longer exists.

Judge Judy time. Yeah, I'm seriously thinking about applying with this case for one of those judge shows. I need to find out where each is shot first, before I choose. I need a vacation, you see. And those shows pay airfare. You're damn right I'd like to spin my overheated vaccines into a much needed vacation to see Judge Judy or whichever judge show is filmed close to a beach in a nice area.

I'm just kidding around. I had sure hoped they'd just do the right thing. They arrived at room temp, for gosh sakes. But no, they take no responsibiity for that. Why? Probably because they want to keep shipping them in that way, and if people make waves on the arrival temperature problem, it's not good for business. They should resolve it then. What a nightmare. I just wanted to get some vaccines. I just wanted some vaccines. Now I have a fucking hassle and I'm out over a hundred bucks. It's just a big nightmare.

Black long hair I retrapped at the rural trailer colony, only to find she is the one I took in last, but the clinic forgot to eartip her. She's eartipped now.
Tame muted torti fixed yesterday.
The photo of the orange female kitten did not turn out. But she was spayed yesterday and returned today. The black medium hair from the rural trailer colony is one actually I took in to be fixed about a month ago, but they had somehow missed eartipping her. She got anesthesized, shaved, then eartipped finally yesterday. The other two fixed yesterday, an adult muted torti, tame, and her tame torti kitten I do have photos of.

Torti kitten, spayed yesterday, returned.
Torti kitten and her mom, the muted torti, eating food I put out by their "owners'" trailer, just after I returned them.
Torti, fixed over a month ago.
A tame but abandoned male, plus Mom of Machi's sister, also spayed, eat food I put out.
Mom of Machi's sister, near side of one trailer.

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