Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old Person Issues

I am having old person internet issues. Seems Google is everywhere. And they want me to sign in everywhere using my google account, but nothing is completely connected. So when I had trouble posting a kitten ad on craigslist over and over, being directed to some other page, once I attempted to post, which led me to believe I was on a phoney craigslist page, designed for phishing, I deleted all browser history and cookies, to hopefully get off that fake craigslist page.

I succeeded. But, I deleted every stored password also. I have to keep changing my passwords, because I forget them. Then I forget the security question answer and can't access my account, which is what happened with google tonight. It appears now, I have at least three half linked google id's all with different passwords. It's getting really tough on me not to toss this computer into a dumpster somewhere.

I'm having to hold myself back, to reason with myself on why I really bother with a computer. And why do I? To connect with a handful of people I know only online and to post rescued kitten and cat information to try to find them homes, and to preach the spay neuter gospel. But that's it. That is it.

Could I do this by using somebody else's computer twice a week? I'm thinking I could. Maybe pay them a small fee to do so. And be rid of the password and posting confusions forever. I'm thinking how nice that would be. I'm dreaming how nice that would be. I'm loving the thought. But would I miss it?

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