Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caught up On Zzzzz's Today

I have been exhausted, haven't properly caught up on sleep for some time. Today was the day.

Sure, I had plans. I was going for a short easy, this time, hike, nothing heavy duty like that one. I already knew I was worn out. But, after not returning any of the cats fixed yesterday, because they woke up slowly (I forgot how slowly cats recover from injectible anesthesia compared to gas), I had to care for all of them here, including three kittens who always require more watching.

I've also got the mom of the two bottle boys from down town Albany in a rabbit hutch in the bedroom. I thought that would be helpful, that she'd care for them. Instead, she became hypervigilant, even hissing at her own kittens, until they are wrecks from exposure to stressed mom. I had to kick everyone else out of the spare bedroom, as a result. So it's been tight and tough here.

And there's not been much sleep to be had, caring for all these cats.

I got up early, after very little sleep, got everything ready to go for the hike/picnic, cleaned, as usual, started laundry, as usual, did two sink fulls of dishes, as usual, watered the tomatos and other vegetables, as usual, then finally, at 8:00, I took the cats fixed yesterday back. By the time I got to the apartment complex, with those, it was almost 9:00 a.m. and I knew it was unlikely any of those folks would be up yet. They're low income, one is disabled. They don't work, they don't get up early. I was actually happy to be able to wake them up to return the cats, because in such circumstances, sometimes such people do not get up until noon or later, and trying to get them out of bed earlier, even to take their cats back, can be very very hard. But this time, no trouble waking them up. I got home, cleaned the traps, threw the dirty towels and cage covers into the wash, and finally, finally, after working three hours, it was time to be picked up to go on the short walk/picnic.

Only I collapsed in exhaustion instead. I didn't go. Then I slept all day on the couch.

It was inevitable.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Lynx Point feral hissy spitting mom in to be spayed. She's basically abusing those poor kittens of hers anyhow. She's done with motherhood. The spay will seal the deal. She'll go home. The boys will stay and I hope beyond all hope, I can start finding some cats homes.

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