Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Echo's Video

I caught the mom of the two bottle babe boys today. So now she is feeding the boys and I don't have to. How is that for cost effective trapping? She will return to her original area in a couple weeks, when they're eating on their own. She was SOOO happy to see them, and they her.

I also caught the feral calico at same location but gave up on the orange boy. Was too tired and it was too late.

I caught the two kittens and their mom, plus a younger female at another Albany complex. I had been contacted about these cats by a tenant who got very defensive, then moved out. So another tenant contacted me and I caught four. Allegedly, there's also a black male and a Siamese male but I couldn't find them. The woman across the street came out, holding both a baby and a kitten. She said "This cat was abandoned by our neighbors and we can't keep her, my husband says, unless she's fixed. Can you help do that?" I said, "Put her in my car."

The Neuterscooter is fixing these cats tomorrow. I have some credit with them, plus two people donated enough to cover one cat. Slurpy is finally getting fixed, too. She's over her cold. For now, at least.

Woohoo, Adsense got the ads off my youtube channel and vids. Yaaaahoooo!

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