Monday, August 30, 2010

Boy Howdy

Glad I'm cutting way back, on road to quitting, the insane cat wrangler business.

It's really nuts.

So, I was so tired today, for some reason, I had to sleep in a rest area on the way back from Portland. Cats got dumped at a rural tavern, not that far from where Recycled Gardens used to be. It was like a trip back down memory lane to drive by the old Recycled Gardens barn, on Cornelius Pass Road.

I went to help Poppa's president. I love the Poppa Inc. people and would probably do anything for them if they asked. I was up too late though, doing chores.

Since I was headed up, I took up four cats, from two situations, all tame, all really nice people. I have invoked the "no asshole" rule now. I don't help assholes.

Be nice or its goodbye.

But on the way back, sleepiness overwhelmed me, so I pulled into the rest area and napped for an hour.

Returned the four cats, then came home to get a phone call. I don't know the woman. Someone gave her my number and she was upset about a relocation of some cats, but I'd never seen the place, so there's no way I can tell anything about it. I did tell her it sounded ok but that kittens usually should be relocated with an adult cat, because they are just like little kids.

Then, just as that was going on, the DD woman who lives nearby calls and says she has "Tiggers brother" in her house and to come now. She's terribly upset and nervous. It's another stray in the area over there that she's taken it upon herself to care for. There are countless strays over there on that street, and one by one, she and a neighbor and I have gotten them all fixed. This guy is the last of them, for now at least. But I didn't want to take another cat up to be fixed tomorrow. Might be worth it though. To get that situation done. And it is done now.

Anyhow, this woman is certainly not an asshole, she's really nice and works hard to make sure all the cats around there are fixed and I do think that is great.

But I'm slightly stressed and worn out again.

I don't relocate ferals anymore because people don't follow relocation instructions and because it is so hard on the cats, that most never make it and because predator populations are out of control in Oregon.

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