Sunday, August 08, 2010

All Quiet on the Neighbor Front

I think the warring neighbors down at the end of the block might have made peace. I hope so anyhow. I have not heard anymore yelling or confrontations. I know they have a lot of cars, but I figure, since they have a two car garage, just given time, since they haven't lived there that long, they'd clear out the garage of the boxes, and could store two of their cars inside the garage, then two in the driveway and if they had visitors, with small cars, two more could park across the front of their driveway and that would allow them to legally store six cars there.

When I was growing up, we had two family cars, one we could all fit in, to go places as a family, then a small car my parents used for work commuting. When my brothers got to be teens, they got cars. That's because they got good paying summer jobs. I never could find a paying summer job and ended up having to work for my father for nothing. He was kind of that way, didn't think women were worth anything, like being paid I guess. If I was contributing to the family by working for my father's business, how come my brothers didn't have to, I'd ask and think after being told to shut up.

Anyhow, that added two more cars to the family total, bringing it to four cars. My younger brother also got an off road motorcycle. I finally, in my first year of college, got a very old motorcycle, that barely ran. It was dirt cheap is why I got it, and insurance was cheap enough to afford. I had to go get motorcycle endorsed on my drivers license. It was a street bike, a Suzuki X6 250. It often broke down. But, an entire year of insurance cost $75 and gas too, for it, cost almost nothing. That is, when it actually ran.

My parents owned their house, but even so, parking four cars there, in an open carport, was messy and caused arguements.

There was really no room there for the cars of visitors either. So it's nothing new, the whole parking thing, especially if there are young males in the household, each with their own car.

Wasn't as common then, for young people to have cars because young people then got no credit cards or loans and the jobs we worked were low pay, making it impossible for most kids to own cars. I have no idea how so many young people afford cars and some of them very fancy cars, which means high insurance rates. Are they paying or are their parents paying, I wonder, when I see young people in fancy newer cars.

I'm glad the two neighbors aren't duking it out. Hope they've shook hands or something.

I am really happy I found that home for two kittens. I wish I'd gotten more calls, but I didn't. But I am happy two got a home. I have Echo and Fantasia, Nemo and Starry, then Slurpy, to go.

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