Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Six Cats Being Fixed Today

Lyons street torti, very pregnant.
"Fluffy" a former stray taken in by a resident of that street, but he needed neutered.
Lebanon male kitten being fixed today.

I took up six cats today to be fixed at the Salem clinic. I felt bad afterwards. I had made apointments for both today and Friday but this had been a mistake on their part. They went ahead and are doing the six today but I cannot take any in on Friday. This clinic is overwhelmed by the need, not only for their shelter animals, but from groups who help animals and the general public.

So I'm back to square one basically and need to find somewhere I can take in enough cats to make a difference.

The six who went in today: two more from the same place the males done yesterday came from. The DD woman had taken in another male cat, another tame stray from the area. I didn't know she had done so, until the neighbor told me and that he isn't fixed. So "Fluffy" is being neutered. Fluffy is not fluffy at all. In fact his fur is short and sleek.

I did catch the pregnant torti, near 11:00 p.m. last night. She's up being fixed. There was supposed to be another gray male this neighbor feeds, but I was too tired to trap more and have to check traps all night. So, in all, four more cats from that situation have been fixed yesterday and today.

Another male comes from Lebanon and then I picked up a female in Corvallis, down a hidden little lane with nine falling apart rotten trailers. The cat has kittens but they're only a pound.

Wild Willy and Chaos are also up being fixed. Six in all. Four males and two females.

I had the rest of the Alsea group of cats lined up for Friday's appointment. Not sure what to do now. They have two adult males left needing fixed, a female, and two kittens old enough to be fixed. I already got 8 cats from that household fixed. I want to end the breeding there, but how, with no clinic to take them for fixing, unless I come up with $10 per cat. They don't have $50. They donated $20 before but that was a stretch for them.

Outlet troubles again here. I come home, gone just two hours, and the outlet my phone jack plugs into is dead plus one other. There are others on the same circuit but they're fine. I can't figure it out, but it scares me. The strange thing is, when I shut off the main at the circuit breaker, the stove and oven still stay on. Now something's wrong there. The outlets dead this time are not the same ones that went dead last time. I'm clueless as to what is going on.

Right now, I don't have a phone with a message machine. That's because the only working phone jack is by the two outlets that don't work. Nowhere to plug a message machine in anywhere close. So it goes.

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