Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sad Decisions on N. Albany Kittens

I have to get them tested. Their diarrhea is not resolving. I am afraid they may be Felk positive. I've been trying to find some other option for them, if they do turn out positive, but I have no connections anymore at all. I can't get people to even answer the phone, if I call, or return a call. Guess I don't blame them. I am an annoyance to most of the other cat people and groups. I am only contacted by them if they want my help.

Something really ironic, in connection with helping out another group: One of my live traps is still in the gorge, from when I trapped for that group. They have not so far been able to get it back to me, I'm told. It's one of my big tomahawk transfer traps. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see it again.

I'd like to trap for that group up there again, maybe not as intense this time. So, if I get to go again, I will get my trap back then. I don't know if I will get to go again. I can't afford to do that either. (I have to pay a petsitter. Even finding one isn't easy).

Anyhow, I don't blame cat groups/special rescues for not returning my calls on trying to find a place for these kittens if they are positive. They have their own lives, families and hardships associated with helping cats. But, when I get kittens who need tested or care, I do need help. I've helped lots of people out and you'd think I could get help in return, but I can't. I can't even find a ride to Corvallis and back for a test I am in need of, that requires sedation, hence no driving.

I can't find anyone to take care of my cats should I want to go overnight somewhere, not for even one fricking night, without paying. One thing I don't have is money right now.

I'm scared for these kittens. I had hoped to find a place that might take them, even if they are positive, but I'm not going to be able to, I realize. I love them.

Sometimes I hate people. Those N. Albany people who could have at any time helped those cats they fed but didn't for five years, FIVE YEARS!, and now saddle a poor person with the costs, that's messed up, man. I want to go yell at them.

Heartland Humane, in Corvallis no less, has agreed to test them for me at cost. That's $15 each. That is generous of them, since they are not flush in donations either. I appreciate their offer to help even though even that much is a lot of money to me.

I wanted to see, before I take them over, if there's somewhere they could go if positive, because if they are positive and there's nowhere who takes Felk positive cats who will take them, they'll have to be euthanized at Heartland. I can't afford the $100 per cat charged for euthanasia at the Wilsonville clinic.

I understand why cat rescue groups and people ignore my phone messages. There's too much need, lots of people who fail to fix their pets, and few stepping up to fill the need.

UPDATE: Despite my wailings, the diehards came through on behalf of these kittens, should they be positive. Poppa's President and House of Dreams have pledged help for them, and a place eventually, if they are positive. Hats off today to Heartland, Poppa Inc. (as always) and House of Dreams.

I only have fears for them because of the diarrhea and because this colony has gone unfixed for over five years, with cats disappearing at high rates and kittens dying. When cats fight and breed that long, the liklihood of a Felk or FIV positive male coming through and "sharing" his disease, through fighting with other males or breeding with females, is high.

I remember the Adair colony, composed of almost exclusively FIV positive tame abandoned intact males. Only takes one free roaming unfixed FIV positive male to infect every free roaming unfixed fighting male in a small area like Adair.

But then again, there are reports of some animal hating neighbor mixing poison into hamburger to kill the cats, or someone's dog, nobody was sure which, up near where this small N. Albany colony existed. As a result, several owned cats died or disappeared, too. And still the neighborhood did nothing to help the cats by fixing them. That's lame, man, terribly lame.

So anyhow, because of the high death rates up there, and their diarrhea, I worry about Felk. However, several of the same mother's kittens have been taken in, as house cats, by people up there and have tested negative. So there is hope that this diarrhea is just from drinking feces infected water. Nutria, Raccoons, ducks, horses and off leash pooping dogs are everywhere up there. And a handful of stray cats. There were only four adults.

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