Friday, July 09, 2010

Recap on Gorge Trapping

I was informed by the Gorge rescue woman that she kept the 17 kittens I trapped, plus two of the adults, including the abandoned Siamese male.

She said 23 of the 42 I trapped (there were 44 but two were already fixed), were females and all but three of the adult females were pregnant again.

She's pretty overwhelmed taking care of so many kittens. I can empathize with that for sure.

I can't repeat myself enough: god bless the little people and small groups out there attacking this huge overpopulation problem with hard work and big hearts. The big shelters and big humane organizations are not tackling this problem but should be.

I have been frustrated back here, without a place to rush off cats and kittens to, to be fixed, now that the clinic in Wilsonville is charging more per cat, an add on for the mandated pain meds, that either I have to pay or the owner/caregiver of the cat has to pay, if I am to get them fixed there.

I am seeing all these free kittens advertised and I want to contact them, offering to fix the kittens, but I can't do it anymore. It's hard on me.

The only cat fixing I can do down here now will be very limited, to the few spaces I get at the Salem clinic. That's why I'm willing now to trap for groups, like the gorge group, since I can't be of much service anymore here.

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