Saturday, July 10, 2010

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. Two are female teens from a Maple street house. Their feral mom, and three kittens from her latest litter, were fixed a month or so ago. Now, the last two unfixed cats from that house, all offspring of the one feral mom, are being fixed.

The other three are from a N. Albany situation. A man called to say his parents and wife and others feed strays up there and there was a mom with four kittens. Except, there are lots of cats being fed up there. And, no one seems to want involved in helping watch traps until I finally met a horse woman, who will help. Also, the man had said he would pay the pain med fee, but now, he's gone for a week and I am having to pay $30 out of pocket and it's pissing me off big time! UPDATE: He has arranged for a relative to pay, was embarrassed I got stuck paying it. So that's a good thing!

These aren't poor people up there. The people on Maple street, whose two teen girls from the feral mom are getting fixed today, are poor people. Husband lost job. Just struggling. But they made sure I got the extra $10 per cat to go with their girls. it goes.

Torbi teen from Maple street house.
Tabby female teen from Maple street house.
Siamese female, from the N. Albany colony.
Torti, who has had multiple litters over years and years, and still, people just fed them, in a highly educated neighborhood, and did not get them fixed. When I was trapping up there, it was hot and horrible. People would come over to complain about the cats but none would help when I asked, to just watch traps. One said, "You must work for the humane society." To which I replied, "Absolutely not!" Another man said, "You must work for the county." To which I replied, "No, I don't. I'm not being paid. I'm a volunteer. Have you ever heard of those kind of people?"

I was frustrated by that time, with the neighborhood apathy to involvement. I shouldn't be. It's really common now.

Here's how it works: You just complain about problems. You complain to beat the band. Or you stand and protest about them, demanding someone else do the work of changing things. But heaven forbid, not you. And/or expect government to solve it, or anyone else but you. You make sure not to alter your lifestyle one bit to solve anything. If at all possible, get some freak like me to solve it while you stand on the sidelines complaining or telling me how I should be doing it, or offer helpful critiques of my appearance or personality, etc.
The torti mom again. FINALLY, her reproduction days are over.
This is Scout, one of her four kittens.


  1. So it's ten dollars per cat now? That's better than twenty! I'm glad some people are willing to pay ten dollars per cat, though people should donate anyway!!! It's always the people who are better off who say "not my problem, not my cats, the government should do something."

  2. Was going to be $20, then the vet cut it to $10 extra for Oregon Spay Neuter certificate eligible cats, which includes all I bring in under Poppa.

  3. The cat in the fourth and fifth photos is sure beautiful.

  4. She's the cat who has had many many litters, and yes, she is beautiful. She was very vocal yesterday, in the car, to and from the vet. Has a very mournful howl.

  5. She's the cat who has had many many litters, and yes, she is beautiful. She was very vocal yesterday, in the car, to and from the vet. Has a very mournful howl.

  6. will be more beautiful now that she can't get preggers again!