Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pseudo Estrogen Chemicals in Our Foods Causing Obesity, Maybe even Contributing to Breast Cancer

Click post title to go to an article about how to diet in this new age of chemical everything. The article talks about pseudo estrogens. Finally! These are contained in common pesticides that end up in food we eat and products we use to contain food and water, like some plastics and some cans.

Advice given is to avoid the "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables most contaminated with toxins and worth spending the money to buy organic. These include apples, strawberries, peaches, kale, collards, spinach and domestic blueberries. Everyone thinks blueberries are heatlhy but only if not sprayed.

The article lists also the "clean 15", those fruits and vegetables not highly sprayed and that are safe to buy nonorganic. These include onions, mangos and kiwi fruit.

The article talks about how to safely use and not use plastic and what to buy and not buy in tin cans.

The article suggests sticking to the small fish as larger fish eat smaller fish and concentrate toxins.

The article suggests not eating feed lot meat at all, not that it is even humane to eat cows and chickens the way they are raised in these horrible feed lots and in the case of chickens, in enclosed crammed buildings where they do not see the light of day until crammed into trucks open on both sides, to give them a freezing windy or blistering hot ride to their deaths.

I see these trucks heading north on I5 and it's hard to look at, when I pass them, the chickens, exposed to the wind of 65 mpg hour travel, as they head to die at a slaughterhouse. I know how they live before they reach that point and it is terrible to think how we treat animals, who are living beings. It is far more humane to hunt wild food, if you eat meat, than to eat animals raised in this new age factory farming like is done now. We are a efficiently viscious species, to be sure.

Anyhow, the article interesting and informative. Don't forget, women out there, that estrogen, even pseudo estrogens, are often the culprit in feeding many breast cancers. So are we getting breast cancer from our food and products? This should be investigated.

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