Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pain Med Mandate a Pain in the Butt

The new pain med mandate by the Oregon Vet Board has become a royal pain in the butt for me in trying to get cats fixed.

The Salem clinic is nice, but I can't get very many cats done there very often at all.

So, unless I can talk those feeding ferals or who own cats into coughing up the added $10, I can't take their cats in to be fixed. Plus, the cats I do take there, now don't wake up right. They thrash, get sick and it's terrible to see compared to their quick recovery from before the pain med mandate. Do those vet board vets know how badly many cats react to whatever they've now mandated?

Do they know many cats now will not be fixed, due to the increased cost and the very few low cost clinics out there?

I am frustated.

I was called by someone living at an Albany complex feeding just under ten strays. They want them fixed but will not pay a dime, of the increased add on pain med fee, claiming they are on disability. Well hello. So the fuck am I.

I suggested they pick up cans, to at least come up with the $20 to fix the two they think are females. For gosh sakes. Why do people think others should sacrifice and they nothing? I don't get it and I'm getting surly about the entitlement attitude in these parts. I pick up cans. There's no shame to doing so either.

I also ran into someone on the street, the one who somehow got my number and called, when a pregnant stray mother showed up. The woman is labeled DD. When I got over there, I found the mother beneath a shed giving birth. The DD woman sheltered the mom and newborns, took the mom in permanently, once fixed, and I got the kittens fixed, at least I did three of them.

I also got a semi feral mother fixed and trapped three of her four kittens. The fourth had been killed by then. Calamity, still here, is one of those kittens.

So I run into the DD woman at the store. She asks if the "normal" neighbor has called me, because she is feeding a pregnant cat. I said "No, I've not heard from her." I went over tonight. The cat isn't just pregnant, she's super pregnant and mostly tame. The "normal" woman has been feeding her for four months. I said "Why in the world did you not call me, to get this cat fixed long ago? Now there will be more kittens born feral, needing homes and fixed." I really went off on her and she deserved it. For crying out loud.

I tried to trap the cat, who will rub against the legs of the "normal" neighbor who feeds her, but she had already been fed, and ran off into a locked fenced yard full of dead cars and junk, the same yard where the other mother had kittens. I told the DD woman I'm packing my cats and a couple things I want and heading out of Albany for good. She said she knew and understood why and I have no doubt she did.

There was no response to my desperation from the "normal" neighbor, standing there also, holding a mixed drink. I told the DD woman about nobody donating, being treated like a slave, being asked to sacrifice when nobody else will sacrifice one thing, when nobody seems to care about anything but drugs and booze and theiving, except if they want to convert you to their church or put you down for not being patriotic enough on some account. Again the DD woman said she understood fully and urged me to go ahead and pack and leave and said she wanted to leave also.

The most normal person on that entire street that I've met is the DD woman. She's the kindest and smartest of them all.

I stopped by the drug house, whose cats I've tried to get fixed over and over, because the cats ending up down at this location, are offshoots of their cats offspring. I'd finally got three done, but there were kittens and the wife is nuts, and the house is destroyed, full of stuff, looks stolen to me, (can you tell, I'm a bitch today?) trash and an adult son answers the door, with sunglasses on, whiffs of something they're smoking or snorting drifting out through the cracked door. He claims the cats are all fixed.

I wasn't in the mood to dance the pretend dance. I said bluntly "No they're not."

"Well my mother doesn't want them fixed." Then he slammed the door. Fucking druggees. This town is full of them, druggees and theives and entitlement lazy asses. Whoa, is my attitude messed or what?

I get upset too when I hear news like tonight. A neighbor said someone moved out a block from here two weeks ago and left their two cats behind.

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