Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missing Gorge Trap: Comedy of Exhaustion

All this time, since travelling to the gorge, where I engaged in marathon trapping, I have thought I left a trap there. I thought this in part because the woman transporting to and from clinics said she thought they still had one of my traps, with a cat from the trailer park in it, at a clinic, when I was leaving. That led me to report to her that in fact yes, I had one trap missing when I finally left for home.

By now, with my "missing" trap still not returned, I am sending outraged reply e-mails to the gorge group, because now they claim they had lost my missing trap. I went out to check to be sure which one it was that I'd left up there, only to be confounded to find none of my traps are in fact missing.

I was embarrassed. How could this happen?

Dual exhaustion is how.

I was so exhausted by the end of two days of trapping up there I was easily led to believe they still had one of my traps merely when the other totally exhausted woman doing all the transporting mentioned she thought one of mine was still at the clinic. When traps came back from the clinic, painted green like mine, this led her to tell me she had my missing trap in her garage, ready to return when she could find a way to get it back to me.

Without further checking, all this time, I've thought one of my traps was still in the gorge. They thought they had one of my traps too and were arranging to get it back to me this weekend, when, low and behold, they found that the trap they thought was mine, really wasn't.

What a clueless hoot!

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