Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lebanon Shit

Don't Fix a mom cat. Breed kittens. Then threaten to kill them if someone else doesn't take them. That's a winner! Craigslist post below.

I've all but given up on helping cats much. I can't afford to help and people take advantage of me. Until cat wranglers are paid, this will be a problem everywhere amongst people try to "fix" the overpopulation problem. It is a common complaint among those who do try, regardless of the personal financial pain involved.

Plus, nobody changes their behavior. They get more cats, do the same thing again. I'm not making a difference. People don't respect life I guess. I just can't figure it out.

The problem of course is not just here. Those Alsea folks, well the ones who own the mom cat, with two babies, and the white male have a pit bull they intend to breed. They can't even afford to get their own cats fixed but intend to breed more unwanted pitbulls too. I guess changing laws is the only thing that will help.

People don't care if holding then killing the unwanted cats and dogs costs taxpayers in general oodles of money. They don't care if the free kittens and puppies they hand out go on to produce millions of other unwanted cats and dogs, as long they don't have to think about it.

People don't care to see beyond the ends of their own nose and getting their own needs met immediately even needs that result from irresponsible behavior towards animals, taxpayers, the environment, neighbors, society.

Is this pure selfishness or is it basic survival of the fittest? If it is the latter, then programs where taxpayers subsidize the poor should be tossed to the wind. If poor people accept taxpayer money in any form, and continue irresponsible behavior that costs taxpayers more money, regardless of whether this behavior involves breeding more animals or other behaviors, it is self-defeating and wasteful behavior by taxpayers to continue subsidizing people who continue problematic costly behaviors.

I'm not saying that many taxpayers aren't terribly irresponsible and destructive themselves. I'm addressing only one part of the problem I see, with unfixed animals, and subsidized poor people who make the problem worse, causing even higher costs all around. I don't know how to debate people so that they understand so much that they might change. The only change people want to make, that I see, is to solve an immediate need, without sight to the future or to a larger issue. I still try to think up changes in my arguments that might help people see the damage done with every litter bred.

My mission to reduce overpopulation through spay neuter is openly scoffed by the openly manipulative, willing to get anything they can out of anybody and feeling this means they are the best strongest people on the planet. In other words, the users, the leeches, the bloodsuckers of society. I ignore them as the parasites they are. But it isn't easy, because their point of view is become popularized in society. 'Get what you can take any way you can.'

This way of thinking is becoming a cultural norm. It has long been the norm in many corporate cultures.

I fight back by calling these people "the living dead", already zombies, dead behind the eyes. But I am just one and they are legion!!! (to use more cultural movie slang)

Free Kittens (Lebanon Oregon)

Date: 2010-07-27, 3:43PM PDT
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I have four kittens needing homes. There are two orange males and 2 grey females. They are litter box trained and have been inside since birth. If I don't find homes for them soon I am going to have to take them to the pound.

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