Thursday, July 01, 2010

Latest Kitten Photos

Slurpy. from the Lebanon situation, with the smallest of the orange kittens from the Lebanon trailer park.
The smallest orange female kitten again.
The largest of the four Lebanon orangies is a girl and this is her.
Orange girl atop her brother.
Down town Black Pearl colony girl kittens play. Their feral calico mom is still here. I'm afraid to take her back for fear that mean old neighbor guy will carry through and kill them.
One of two orange and white male kittens from the Black Pearl down town colony.
The down town girl kitten.
Albany boy wrestles Lebanon girl.

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  1. those kittens are sooooo adorable!~ Buttercup should be the tiniest one! what do you think? And Jojo for the biggest....that leaves Ginger for the inbetweener? I am so glad I made that mistake and you are getting double cat food! I can tell you are going to need every extra can I sent!