Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitzhaber or Dudley for Governor of Oregon?

I have seen only one ad for each candidate. Going to Chris Dudley's site was an even sleepier adventure. There's nothing on it, just a bunch of really general statements. I wonder if he's thought about what if he wins. Because, well, there's nothing on his site about concrete plans once governor. Except he'll pair up with athletic people to help get kids moving, he says. Ok, Mr. Former NBA guy, but don't force us into basketball camps. Some of us really don't think basketball is interesting at all.

By contrast, Kitzhabers' site must be full of something, because if I click on any link there, to read a position statement or plan of action, my computer freezes up. Nice.

I usually vote. I don't think it would matter this time, one way or the other. I think they are one and the same candidate.

Neither of them know what to do about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and how to pay for it. Who does? Nobody I know of.

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