Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye Ginger!

My Corvallis friends, Jim and Jane, adopted Ginger this morning. Good luck, little girl! They had previously adopted Whisper Willow from me, then a Lebanon kitten in a bad situation. Now, they add Ginger to their cat mix!

That leaves me only Machi and Buttercup, from the four orangies, out of the Lebanon trailer park. I still have two tabby on white orange boys, a brown tabby on white girl, and the black and white curled tail girl from the downtown Albany feral calico, Meesa, also still here, but returning home shortly.

I have Slurpy, but she is spoken for. And now Scout, from N. Albany, if I keep him here for adoption, since he's an older kitten.

I definitely have six kittens who will need homes once fixed: Machi, Buttercup, and the four Albany kittens. I haven't named them yet and I need to. Help please! Two orange and white males, a brown tabby on white female and a black and white girl with curled tail.


  1. That's great news!

    Truthfully, I've been really bummed out lately because there are so many kitties that can't find homes. I've kind of given up. This is welcome bit of relief from the endless bad news.

  2. It is endless, the numbers of kittens born to soon be unwanted. And the endless idiot people who let it happen, too selfish and arrogant to care.

  3. Names! You know I always have names!
    Orange and white males: Jonah, Terry,
    Benji, or Storm....the girls: Didi, Lilly, Skye, Renny, or Winter. Any sound good?

  4. oh, thought of three other girl names: Echo, Norah, and Jenny. Hunter for a boy?

  5. I named the two orange and white boys for some rather famous folk in these parts: Captain Phil and The Barefoot Bandit. I'll name one of the two girls from down town Albany Echo and I like Norah for the other.

  6. oh what a nice tribute to captain Phil! that is great..and i just love the barefoot bandit! Shame he got about wasting money pursuing relatively harmless criminals! Echo and Norah are beautiful names, too - I love coming up with names! I get ideas from reading and such...i will be sending another box of food this week, too - sorry, can't do doubles this time, but the following time I can!

  7. You could always name one after my province of Nova Scotia- call him or her Scotia (or Nova which is a shining star and these cats are stars. (g) or some Gaelic word but I have to think. How about some Hebrew names like Noa (female) or Yoni (the hero of Entebbe) (male) or Tzipi (Zippy) after the Opposition Ldr, T Livni. (I support her party Kadima and speaking of that, Kadima which means Forward could also be a name or Golda or Meir which means enlightened and all cats are enligtened imho. )