Friday, July 30, 2010

Bad Bad Vaccine Shipping!

The vaccines arrived, within the two day period Fed Ex promised to ship. However, they arrived with one ice pack that had long turned to mush, completely melted and warm. The vaccines were at room temperature, between 70 and 75 degrees and useless to me.

I have been attempting to contact California Vet Supply by phone and e-mail. No response so far. I also have contacted the vaccine manufacturer to let them know their vaccines are being improperly temp regulated when shipped, by this company, to see what they have to say about that. I will contact the government regulatory agency that covers such things too. For now, I will try to stop payment on the vaccines on my credit card.

This temperature, from what I've read, is unacceptable for vaccines, could render them useless within a few days, and the company needs to review and change its vaccine shipping methods immediately.

Anyhow, I will talk to the government regulatory agency, see what they say, and if need be, file a complaint with them. If vaccines need to be maintained in a certain temperature range, then that needs done and if companies are not doing that, in shipping, that's their responsiblity as a seller of vaccines. It's not mine. Not until they are here, in my hands. My credit card company has suspended the payment for the vaccines and sent me a dispute form.

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