Monday, June 07, 2010

The Missing Little Boy, Kyron Horman

The boy, missing from his school out in rural Cornelius area, which is off highway 26, east of Portland, is still missing.

This can drive me nuts, to think of a child out there somewhere.

He was reportedly timid and unlikely to wander off school grounds alone. The area around the school is engulfed in brush and high grass, according to the reports, and the photos.

His step mother left him at 8:45 a.m. after taking a photo with him showing off his science project. The school was crammed with people that day in a "public event" for the science show, according to the paper.

He was seen by someone else at about 9:00 a.m. the reports said, but then was marked absent by his teacher, once class finally started, after the exhibition of the science fair projects. His step mom called 911 when he was not on the bus after school and when she found out, after calling the school, he had been marked absent that morning.

Search and rescue teams have been combing the area. The FBI has been brought in with their child abduction team. They know the clock is ticking.

Skyline Dr. is not far off Cornelius Pass road. I have been in that area, because Recycled Gardens, Poppa Inc's fund raising nursery, used to operate on Cornelius Pass Road, not far off highway 26 and just past its intersection with Grand Ave. (oops, not Grand, West Union) Poppa's president and I used to take breaks for lunch at Rock Creek McMinnamins, not far away either. I think that restaurant has since burned to the ground, but then, I heard, was rebuilt.

I used to go up once or twice a month to volunteer at RG by mowing the grass and weeding. That was years ago. RG closed I think it was three years ago.

It's mostly farmland, nurseries and even filbert orchards out there. We had a constant coyote problem, even very close to the RG barn. We would see them hunting in the field not far from the barn right off the road in broad daylight.

The traffic travelling Cornelius Pass road drove fast. It was often a nightmare to pull into the nursery driveway, because it was at the top of a blind hill. Crossing the other lane to turn in was sometimes hit and miss as cars and trucks, roared up that hill sight unseen til the last moment.

The owner of the property RG operated on, a retired animal loving psychiatrist, still lives out there I think. She has had a variety of people also renting a duplex on the property and living in her house as caregivers. I always liked her. At one point, I wanted to rent that duplex from her, live in it, and help maintain RG, but a vacancy in tenants never happened.

Anyhow, the area is very rural beyond RG out and beyond. But I think there are roads out there that cut back to Hillsboro and highway 26 west of RG and there are ways to cut across to highway 30 too, somehow. I think.

However, it's remote location makes me think, if the boy was abducted, it must be someone associated with the school, who knew that day there would be lots of people in the school so he or she could get away with it. But there were so many people there, wouldn't someone notice if a kid was being grabbed and hauled against his will into a vehicle? I doubt he was outside the school, but maybe he decided to run to the playground.

I would guess if he was abducted, someone had been stalking the school and maybe a parent or employee innocently mentioned, to a friend or anyone, the science fair and how it would be a madhouse of activity, setting the idea in that persons mind to search for prey.

Or, I'd have to think the little boy himself had been watched by a stranger until the right time and the right bait could be used to get him somewhere he could be grabbed.

I saw a mention that the step mother mentioned on her facebook page they had also lost a family pet recently. I don't know if the pet was lost literally or died. If the pet disappeared, and now so does the little boy, makes me wonder if someone has something against someone in the family, for some reason. Or, if the pet was stolen, to use as bait to draw a boy into a predators trap. Well, likely if the pet disappeared, in that area, a coyote got it or it was killed by a car. I'm just thinking of scenarios.

I also read that other neighbors said a woman driving a white pickup came up a long driveway or dead end road, that is not a through road, but not far from the school, and that there is a ravine up along that road. They said she sat in the truck idling for a long time, until a neighbor turned his dogs loose, then she took off, but later I think it said same truck returned. They said that is beyond bizarre on the day after a little boy disappears. It was Saturday I think.

What if someone accidentally ran over the little boy in the parking lot of the school, and had other issues, and decided to dispose of him? I don't know, am just trying to process how anyone could hurt a little boy. Maybe he did run off, fall and hurt himself. HIs science project was about tree frogs. Maybe he ran off to try to find a live frog. Maybe he crawled into somewhere, to hide for whatever reason, then could not get out. A refrigerator. A car trunk. A cabinet in a room and he would suffocate before anyone was back in the room to hear his cries and pounds for help. Kids get closed into open car trunks accidentally all the time.

I am nursing three kittens today from the Lebanon colony. Heartland took in seven of the kittens almost but not quite two weeks ago. I got an e-mail from a Heartland worker that some were being returned because they got sick, very sick, and maybe too sick to save, and they did not want to euthanize them without asking me if I would take them back. I charged over to get them. Two are torti short hairs and the other is Prancer the brown tabby tux female kitten.

Only one is very ill and she is extremely ill. I have her in a carrier, with a vaporizer going, then I go massage her back on either side of her spine, which makes her start sneezing up the congestion. She has been purring up a storm.

I have been trying hard to find out about the other four kittens I took there with these three, to make sure they are ok. Two of them, both orange long hairs, were the Qtip Boys video kittens. Then there was Dandelion, the buff orange short hair boy, and Vixen the long hair torti.

So far no response from the shelter manager. She's off today, but did e-mail me from her home when she heard some were returning. She thought it was two who are sick and one of them was one of the orange boys, so that made me worry when the three they had there were two tortis and the brown tabby tux. I hope the other four are just fine. I'm sure I will hear from the Heartland shelter manager soon about it.

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