Monday, June 07, 2010

Gaki, R.I.P. Poem for Gaki by a Friend

Gaki, R.I.P

Rest in Peace, little guy. God knows, you’ve earned it.

Your sojourn with us here was short, painful and desperate.
Yet was it not in vain,
For you were the occasion of much love.

Love is eternal.
It transcends death.
It blesses both giver and recipient,
and binds them eternally.

There is a Place,
not of this or any world,
where you shall once again know the angel
who strove so mightily to rescue you,
to join her struggles with yours,
in your effort to live.

To this place do the angels repair,
to rest and recuperate between their missions.
There they foster one another’s charges in their absence.
The one given your interim care
will restore you to more fullness of life
than you ever dreamed of,
in her cabin on a sunny hillside meadow,
in a clearing in a great forest,
while you await the return
of your own special eternal angel
from her current mission.

Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord;
And let Light Perpetual shine upon him.

by Jim Eblin
Corvallis, OR

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