Friday, June 04, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Jack Tonight

Jack/Gaki, the Heartland cat, is not going to get any better I don't think. He got better for awhile, then his eyes got worse with a vengence again, are bleeding and terribly inflamed. He's in miserable pain. I don't think there is hope I can help him overcome this. The infection cleared up, but not the extreme conjunctivitis. I used the antiviral drops until they were gone on him, but I cannot afford more. And I don't think it's kind to let him suffer any longer.

I am taking him back to Heartland tomorrow and his suffering will end. This is very hard on me. He was happy here very briefly. He acted like he finally had a family, a place to belong. The other cats were accepting him. He got a bad bad cold within two days of arriving here, then seemed to get over it. I kept him confined in a rabbit hutch while he recovered, and when he was mostly recovered, I let him free roam. Some of my cats caught the cold and recovered.

But, not long after he recovered, he came down with sudden extreme bilateral conjunctivitis, the likes of which I've never seen in severity. That was oh let's see, about ten days ago. I realize it takes quite some time to recover from something like that.

He is not an easy customer to eye medicate. He is a biter and a whacker, but we reached a truce on that regard and I was able finally to get his eyes medicated routinely. But despite medications, including antibiotic ointment and the antiviral drops, he has not made a recovery. Except the horrendous green gunk drainage ended. Now, it's just the inflammation, but I can't seem to get a handle on it. I don't know why.

His conjunctiva is bright red and raw, bleeding at times, and extends half over each eye. This is terribly painful. I wash his eyes with saline solution three times daily, which he doesn't like, and have continued the meds, to keep his eyes lubed, and the anti viral drops until they ran out.

I don't know what to do anymore other than hand him back to Heartland and end his suffering.

I don't want to, but his suffering is great.

In other news, there are nonstop free kitten ads on craigslist, most originating out of Lebanon. I give up. What is the point of trying to get cats fixed in this county? People don't care. These kittens will be picked up by people who won't fix them and they'll go on to reproduce and reproduce down the line. There isn't any way to solve this problem when people have ways to get the cats in to be fixed, but just won't and don't care. The poor kittens in the ad below are being given away at just five weeks of age. Five weeks.

5 free kittens absolutly adorable free no rehoming fee (lebanon)

Date: 2010-06-04, 7:26PM PDT
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there's 5 lil cuties
there 5 weeks old.! and healthy.!
4 black
1 black and white
come get em while there hot.!
take em like ya stole em.! :)
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