Friday, June 04, 2010

Allied Insterstate Debt Collectors Harrassment Calls Stopped by Oregon Dept of Justice

I received dozens of calls from an unknown number on my trac fone. It was soooo frustrating I can't even say. I use the trac fone only for emergencies, since I am not exactly financially lubed, and to communicate with the vet clinic, when I have cats being fixed.

So the harassment was terrible. I'd answer, even pull over somewhere when driving, to see if it was the vet clinic calling, only to find it was another of the calls from the debt collecting agency. I had found out who was responsible by typing the number calling into the search engine.

The Internet is full of complaints against Florida based Allied Interstate debt collectors.

I filed a complaint online. I filed a complaint with the FCC. And, I filed a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice. This is a department that needs fully funded and they are my heroes.

Getting a phone number in Albany, Oregon seems to come with liability. Seems a lot of people here owe a lot of other people money.

I had my long time credit card rate jacked, from 9% APR to 30% APR, which prompted a quick cancellation. That rate jacking I was told, by Capital One, was solely due to the zip code where I live. Apparently, in my zip code, there are many people who owe money, so I got rate jacked because I live where I do. That so sucks. Seems like discrimination by zip code which should be illegal, right?

My land line was had before me by someone in Albany who must owe everyone in the world money. I still get the debt collection calls for the former owner of my landline number. Then came the trac fone, and with it, a string of debt collectors calling, on debt owed by various Albany residents who have had this trac fone number before me. I can't seem to escape it. My only resource of help has been the Oregon Department of justice who has stopped these harassers, targeting me in error, in their tracks.

The pathetic letter of justification, written by Allied Interstate company owner to the Department of Justice, offers no apology for their behavior in targeting me in error. They claim to have made 34 calls to my number. It was more than that. Even it was 34 calls, that is telephonic harrassment! No stranger has a right to harrass someone on that scale!

They claim they did nothing wrong in doing so and that they finally ceased when I told them who I was.

Here's what he didn't fess up to. He didn't fess up to the fact when I called them on two occasions, besides also calling their corporate office number, to let them know, in rather blunt language, that they had no ethics or integrity, that their first representative I talked to, refused to tell me what company he worked for or why they were calling, unless I would first give him my Capital One card number. I have no account with Capital One since the rate jacking.

He became vulgar and threatening, because I would not give him this information. The second time I called them, a woman answered and also refused to talk to me unless I gave her my capital one account number, which led me to believe they were scammers, intent on stealing my ID or just emptying bank accounts. I asked them to stop calling my number and she became flippant and sarcastic. People were laughing in the background. The calls continued.

I was driving with a friend, who was going to help me end my misery, by putting me on her cell account and help me get a phone, when they called again. This time the woman was slightly more sympathetic.

I told her straight up their unrelenting harassment was why I was in a car right now, headed off to a wireless phone store, so I could ditch this trac fone with its tainted number and their harassment, and that they had no soul and how could human beings behave like they were behaving.

It was this that finally led her to tell me who she worked for and without demanding first my Capital One card number, (which of course I do not have), the name of the person they were really out to get, some Albany guy who owes money.

And finally the calls stopped. Mother fucking asshole company who thinks it is ok to harass people even in error.

What kind of people are they? They are, as I told them in the corporate office message, people without souls, without ethics or moral compasses to guide them and I feel sorry for them.

But, I also think they should cool their harassing asses in jail cells. All of them.


  1. Yeah, well Jan agrees. There is evidently no law to make collection agencies verify they have the right number before putting a number on auto dial/canned message either. Jan went through that for 2 years, at least one canned message a week. When she called to try to get the company to stop, she got pretty much the same thing - the guy refused to tell her what company he was with (she'd already found that out on the internet) and when she refused to give him her personal information, he screamed at her and slammed the phone in her ear. We like your idea of cooling their butts in jail cells.