Thursday, June 24, 2010

9 Cats Being Fixed Today, Ooops, Make that Ten!

I took up 9 Albany cats to be fixed today from two locations. From one location, I picked up five kittens and two mom cats. From the other, two orange females. But now, a neighbor who agreed to help trap the rural trailer colony, says she caught another black tux and the clinic has agreed to do that one also. So, make that ten.

The little bottle babe, less than a week old, found with two dead siblings, is still alive. They told me they think a house on Main street is the source of the mother cat. They claim there are tons of cats in and around that house and they've heard, that there is even a sheep living inside. "A sheep?" I exclaimed, in disbelief. "That's what we've heard," the woman said. She said it is crammed full of Hispanics and that some have overflowed into one apartment. I want to see this, a sheep living inside a house in the middle of Albany. Can that be true?

One of the five kittens being fixed today.
Adult fire torti, from Albany being spayed today.
Lynx Point Albany female, being spayed today.
One of two orange tabby females being fixed today. There are two more needing fixed from same household, both orange females, but one has mastitis. They just gave away her kittens. The other was in the process of giving birth this morning to yet another litter. But at least two are fixed now!
The other orange tabby female.

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