Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wish Upon a Star

I got offered a job in Eugene. As a cat trapper. But I can't take it. I can't afford to.

I don't live in Eugene so all the driving would cost me and my car, which has 160k miles on it. It's three days a week, pays a little over $10 per hour. If I took it, and I want to so badly, I'd lose everything from medical insurance to ability to pay for a place to live. Damn it anyway. I feel like I'm caught in a trap myself.

I really want to say to hell with it, and take the job. Why? Because I'm dying here, rotting away. I have no human contact, no future, nothing to look forward to.

I called up my brother, to see if he had any ideas, on how I could take this job, and he said not to take it, that I need medical insurance, and that I'd likely lose money taking it. I said "Sell this house, please!!! I have to get out of this area." I told him I cannot take the lack of human contact and the rampant animal abuse and abandonment. Not alone like this." He said he didn't know how he could swing that.

I am caught in a trap.

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