Thursday, May 06, 2010

April Cat Stats

Total Cats taken to be fixed in April, 2010: 36

# of Males: 16

# of Females: 20

# Feral: 16

# Tame: 20

# In heat: 2

# Pregnant: 11

# Previously spayed/neutered: 1 (stray female taken in by Tangent woman)

By County: Linn: all 36

By City: Tangent: 1

Albany: 35

# of 36 Rehomed by me: 0

# of cats Rehomed in April: Arranged with Cottage Grove Humane Society, to get three of the Del Rio cats in to Greenhill, transported them down. These three cats were fixed previously, using Poppa funds, taken to be fixed by another woman, but not the cats caretaker who did not participate in a solution.

Most of these cats I took in this last month are from and near Del Rio street, and from two situations off Knox Butte Rd. Also I took in a few cats from Lyons street and 34th street.

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