Sunday, May 02, 2010

Too Much Coffee

I went to Corvallis today, too late to attend the Farmers' Market. I did get to Pet Day and wandered through in about 20 minutes. I saw a couple of the usual groups, out to save the world: Senior Dog Rescue and PAN (Pet Adoption Network). Kudos to both groups.

I got eyes rolled at me at the Advantage booth, when I started talking about getting cats fixed. A young woman was manning the booth and very much not interested. I moved on.

I left quickly. I was disappointed when I did not run into anyone I knew.

But then I arrived late. The weather was better for it this year than last year, at least. Last year Poppa had a booth. High winds and pouring rain kept turn out low and in the end, the winds were so bad, they picked up canopies, twisted them and hurled some towards the road. I injured my knee, chasing them down with Poppa's president. That knee injury plagued me half of last summer. But we were glad we did chase them down to remove the canopy part, so they were not a hazard.

I had brought cinder blocks to weight down the one provided for our booth.

I got coffee at the Circle K. It must have been potent. I usually only drink one cup of coffee in the morning. That was at 3:00 p.m. and I'm still awake. Shady is raising hell in the spare bedroom. She wants to make the world know how horrible her fate is, confined now to the spare bedroom. And at least half the block would hear her protests, if they were up to listen. She is not an easy cat to confine. Even for her own good. I am about ready to let her out, to be honest because.....well, I want to sleep.

Meanwhile, Brambles, also confined for treatment, is happily cuddled up with Stinod. Shady is now tearing apart the door.

Should I give in? If I do, it only teaches her that such tactics work.

She's had only two doses of anti viral eye treatment and that wasn't easy to get into her eyes either. I can't give up now. Maybe I can.

I am glad the car did not blow up in New York and that someone saw the smoke before it did. I wonder who will turn out responsible for that. I cannot understand people who want to kill other people. They sure must be unhappy. Shady is very unhappy right now. But she's still a nice cat.

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