Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photos of the 18 Trailer Park Cats

Well, turned out 8 of the cats were females and 8 were males. Two were lactating, the two orange teens, whom their caretaker says abandoned their litters. So the feral I netted in with the kittens was a male. The other semi feral, the black tux with crumpled ear, was a female, but not lactating. So who was mom of the kittens? Nobody knows. However, I stumbled upon two more feral calicos being fed nearby. My guess is, it's one of them. The female kitten was severely dehydrated and would not have lived had I not netted her. They quickly, in an hour or two, decided to "come over" to the tame cat side. In fact, on the drive up to West Linn and PAWS with them this evening, they wouldn't stop screaming in a soft shell carrier on the passenger seat right beside me. They wanted on my lap or curled up on my shoulder. They had already become spoiled in less than 24 hours! They're now in the good hands of PAWS.

There are, with the discovery of those calicos, at least five more left to get fixed at the park. I think those people who live there, who have absolutely nothing, none of them, except issues like everybody, maybe more issues due to their lack of any status in this world or earthly possessions, and probably their origins, are very wonderful in their own ways.

These are the two hissing spitting kittens I netted in the back room of one trailer along with the sad looking medium hair black feral adult, whom I think is a male. These kittens are now in my bathroom, eating up a storm, and I"m trying to find somewhere for them to go. Thankfully, PAWS, in West Linn, has agreed to take the pair.
Also, three torbi females, all related are up being fixed and these are two of them.This is the third torbi female being fixed today.
Shadow, a female Siamese mix, being spayed today.
And Shadow's buddy, I forget her name, a black and white female, also being fixed.
This handsome smoke colored long hair male is being fixed today, too.
This cat is named Squeeky I think. Supposedly it's a female.
This is Marley, a black male up being neutered.
These two owned male, one black and the other long hair orange and white, also are being fixed today.
This is Guido, a gray and white male, up being neutered.
This is a black tux semi-feral, not very wild however, with a crumpled right ear most likely from scratching at earmites.
I netted this sad looking black medium hair feral, in an elderly woman's back bedroom when I also netted the two kittens. But I think this cat is a male.
This big guy bolted out of a carrier one resident was attempting to stuff him into and took off. However, a few minutes later, I trapped him and he was easy.
There were two semi-feral orange tabby teens in the park. Myself and a resident quickly trapped both.
The other orange tabby teen. The two orange tabby teens, the black feral and a black tux feral, will get eartips but the other 12 cats up being fixed from that park today will not.
The 2nd org tab teen again.


  1. oh those two hissy kittens are adorable! I am so glad they are being taken in!

  2. I'm still so excited that everyone came together to get these guys fixed! = ) Makes my heart happy. Especially that the park manager even donated some money!!!

  3. you & your retirement :) they are beautiful and will be so much happier.

  4. Yeah, it's just a hobby now. Am retired. Dabbling in it only now. Hahahahaha.