Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring Planting

Yesterday, I got some seeds started in plastic small pots, for later replanting outside. I am trying different methods for sprouting, out of curiosity. I also moved one of the collapsible frames I got from a tractor guy, whom I helped with cats. Tractor parts come packed in them, and they just throw them out. They are cool and stackable and make easy vegetable beds. I stack two, one atop the other.

I put one out front, after lining the grass it was to go around, with plastic then cardboard to kill it. I don't have much soil, to fill it with, but will get some somewhere. Out front of my place is the only place I get sun for vegetable growing.

I've been eating too much easter candy. I was going to send some friends small surprise boxes, then ate what I was going to send. I gave the homeless some of the candy I had left. Better they eat it than me, because I've been eating way too much.

Sorry Jeanne and others. You were meant to get Easter surprise boxes. But I ate them. I know how pathetic that sounds and you are right. Very very bad me!

Well, the woman from south Corvallis who is interested in adopting Blingo is supposed to arrive soon. The couch man from craigslist called and cancelled. I saw a couch offered for a very low price on craigslist and called the number. He will deliver it, he said, and that was to be today, but today it is raining far too hard to deliver a couch in an open pickup. He called to say he'd have to wait for a break from the rain. I am very very excited about getting a couch again.

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