Monday, April 05, 2010


Matilda has an ear infection, not earmites, is what is going on. She is shaking her head and has liquid sounds in one ear. So, she's going on antibiotics and I will have to make a trip to Portland to get her in to see a vet. Often on cats like her, with extremely hair enshrouded ears, the infection can be a combination of fungus and bacteria.

When I rescued her, from that Lebanon stinkhole, she had an ear infection so bad, she held her head cockeyed. She was on antibiotics for some time then. It was likely then the infection had reached her inner ear, which can show in cockeyed head position and balance problems. These can lead to facial or eyelid drooping from inflammation of the facial nerve on that side. Since then, she's had other milder infections. I believe it is due to her excess ear hair that traps moisture and heat inside those poor ears.

I clipped all this hair again. It was only two months ago, I gave her a partial clip job. It grows fast on her. She mostly likes to remain in the garage room and yard but comes in when she's having trouble with her ears or poop on her butt then I give her a clip job. Maybe she needs electrolysis on those ears, to keep the hair inside them from ever growing back.

We are sure having a heavy windstorm. A tree limb was down on one street, freshly torn from the trunk. I never saw this in the forecast.

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