Sunday, April 04, 2010

I have a Craigslist Couch. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

I happened upon a decent looking couch on craigslist a week ago, and called the number. Usually, by the time I see something decent on craigslist for a really good price and this was an outstanding price, it's already gone. Or, I can't find a way to get it here.

Well, this guy offered to deliver for nothing. I sealed the deal sight unseen. Why? Because he sounded really honest on the phone. I know, dumb. But this time, it paid off.

He finally had a window of opportunity yesterday evening, when the rain stopped for awhile, and brought it over. It is the nicest couch I've ever owned. He delivered it into my garage. After that, I pushed and shoved and cursed it in through the door and moved aside the disgusting loveseat from the dumpster.

I have a craigslist couch! It's a great couch. I promptly fell asleep on it last night.

I also got the wood to make my own bunk bed frame. The wood cost far far less than that useless Ikea frame I got that didn't have any way to support the mattress. Right now I'm painting the boards. Boy, deja vu. I did that with the Ikea wood before realizing there was no hardware in the bottom of that big prepackaged box to hold up the mattress.

I also got a new toy, courtesy of Jeanne from Baltimore. She had sent me a live trap for my birthday that I picked out on Amazon without really looking at it. It turned out to be a collapsible, and those are shit. So I returned it and got an Amazon refund. She later sent me a tomahawk transfer trap. Two gifts! It was a great wonder!

I had that amazon credit. I bought a baby monitor off an Amazon vendor. I'd always wanted a baby monitor. This one allegedly has a 300 foot range. It has sound AND video monitor. I am using it in conjuction with my remote control to spring traps. They operate on different frequencies so the baby monitor camera being right there, operating on 900 freq, won't spring the receiver unit on the trap from my remote control. I have two different receiver units. One is very very subject to interference, operating in the 100 freq range while the other is a controlled freq. and not subject to interference, unless someone is operating an RC sailboat nearby.

So, I can watch a trap in decent resolution on a small monitor from my car or elsewhere within range, and then trigger the trap on a certain cat, without being real close by. That is cool! I am making a weatherproof housing for the baby monitor camera.

A friend in Portland, whose husband is a tech wizard, is also going to ask him to rig a remote dialer for traps. When the trap closes then, it would dial me on my cell phone to let me know.

As I have told others, it is way past time to bring trapping into the tech age. There is no reason, other than ignorance on the part of us old trappers, to do things the hard way.

I have Matilda in the spare bedroom sick cage. She's had an inflamed eye. She also needed shaved again. She has WAY too much hair and has come to love the spring clip job. She's had a right ear hematoma since I rescued her, from the Lebanon situation. I've not had the money to have it repaired. When she gets earmites however, you can't even see them or clean her ear properly due to that hematoma. I need to get that fixed for her.

Matilda is a high maintenance cat, due to her long hair. It doesn't mat too badly, not like Stinod's, but, she gets crap stuck to her butt, and the fine nature of the undercoat hair, creates problems for her, with hairballs and itchiness and too hotedness. Boy am I ever making up my own words today.

She has to have her ears clipped, for the excess hair, too. And the excess ear hair seems to contribute to her getting recurring earmites more easily. So, she is much higher maintenance than the other cats here, needing constant clip jobs and earmite control. I need to get some Revolution, but it is sooo darn expensive. I usually get it in spring, for all the long hair cats, since they get and keep earmites far more frequently than the short hairs.

I have to get that hematoma repaired too, for Matilda. I've put it off and off.


  1. AWESOME! that's where we got our last one. and the guy was nice and brought it in his truck to! sometimes it just works out. thank goodness!
    change jars are a wonderful thing. we have one too. hopefully for something fun but more than likely a car fix or soemthing out of the blue.
    which size of the towahawk traps do you use? the video & cell ideas are great! you're so right about getting into the tech game. i bet exterminators could use it to. do you catch billy the extermintaor on discovery ever? check you tube if not. he's funny

  2. Wow what a nice friend you have in Baltimore. Never knew those East Coasters were soooo generous!

    Now we need to work on Matilda! Isn't she a Norwegian type breed? How much is revolution by the way? didn't I get you a tube once?

  3. Matilda looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat, that's what I call her. She's got massively hairy ears, that also make it tough on her, because water gets trapped inside them sometimes. I clip that hair and she likes it gone.

  4. Yes, those east coasters seem incredibly nice. Especially that Jeanne lady in Baltimore. How is your husband, Jeanne, with the swollen ankles, any better?