Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fibs and FIV in Adair Cats

Who else thinks the latest story about reasons for a 2.5 million payout to Mike Belloti, by the U of O athletic department, as the leaving athletic director, is a big fat made up after the fact fib? I do. I do.

Their butts are in a sling and they got together to make up a halfway believable story to tell us public, like we'll swallow it with a smile, is what I think, personally. Well, probably most will. I don't buy it. I don't buy it one bit.

Boy, I could sure use 2.5 million, as a buy out, for quitting one extreme pay job to take another (Belloti's going to now work for ESPN). I think cat trappers' should make almost as much or more as an athletic director makes. You bet. We're worth it. My salary is currently zero, Mike. How many cats have you had fixed?

Ok, sure, you've had a few football wins. Your ball game is different than my ball game of choice. My ball game of choice is to have balls cut off. Hahahahahaha. Just kidding with you there, Mike. Oh no, I'm not at all sour on your massive pay off for whatever you got paid off for, which is probably some shadow thing, or brotherly love gift showers between ball men.

Actually I heard once he was married to, or sleeping with, a rescue type. I might have dreamed that. Yeah, probably made that up in my mind, to try to justify all the inequity crap in this world. Like cat trapper salary: zero dollars per year. Athletic director: 2.5 million to be fake fired.

In other news, my Adair Village friend borrowed a trap the day before yesterday. She'd been feeding another male, not fixed, outside her home, who showed up limping badly.

Anyhow, he's untouchable, but was sleeping in her garage lately, due to his front leg injury. So she closed the garage and set my trap which he went in, within five minutes.

He went to the vet and also tested positive for FIV, like the three other strays from Adair. Those other three who were positive, she fed a good two miles from her home. All three were tame and had been abandoned. The fact this free roaming Adair male is also FIV positive probably means any unfixed free roaming male over two in that area is positive by now. It's what you call a cluster.

It's a relatively small community and unfortunately, a lot of people don't fix their cats, especially their males, and let them free roam. So, in such a small area, those unfixed males fight. One of them, at some point, came in with FIV, and began fighting with other unfixed males, spreading the disease. I would imagine it is widespread in Adair. At least this woman is taking it upon herself to get the strays fixed, because otherwise, the disease will continue. It will anyway, unless the people of Adair fix their free roaming cats.

So anyhow, she's going to keep him, figuring rightly, he probably won't fight now that he is fixed and that by now, any unfixed male in Adair is FIV positive. He'll be neutered and his front leg absess treated.

I've been using a sagging shelf above my washer/dryer as a greenhouse for seed sprouting. It works like magic! I put them on that shelf, inside a plastic bag, with one end open, in little pots, and doesn't take two days, and they're growing like weeds!!!! Must be a combo of the heat and occasional steam from the washer. I had no other place where it was warm and also where the cats would not dig up the dirt in the little pots.

I was disappointed in my compost pile. I thought I had composted a ton of material, from piles of leaves, to shredded paper, to food leftovers. That all composted down to almost nothing, like a couple buckets full for use this spring. I guess it makes sense but I was disappointed all that composting from last summer on to now, rotted down to pretty much nothing to use for my small garden.

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