Monday, April 19, 2010

Australian Town Makes the Best of Locust Invasion

If locusts invaded this area, this is exactly what I would do---celebrate! It's food from the skies and good food!

I've offered to help tutor the neighbor boy. He has Asbergers and is struggling in school. His mom, who is single and works very long hours, is worried he won't make it through high school, which effectively limits a person in this world and what they can then do.

I've been reading up on Asbergers trying to figure out a way, if she decides she wants to try me tutoring, to motivate him. He's very smart, but hides inside almost all the time he's not in school. She started taking him to Safehaven to volunteer, which she said is great for him just because of the social interaction he gets when they are there with other people. He is a big time animal lover. He is not 16 yet, or I would take him to the FCCO clinic in May, to volunteer. He's gone on cat jobs with me a couple of times and is very helpful.

I guess with Asbergers being on an exact schedule with very defined tasks and goals, is important. Linking a task or study to the real world and how it is useful is also important to Asbergers, his mom says, because if he sees no use for information, he refuses to study it.

So, if she decides she wants me to try my hand at tutoring, I will do it. I hope she does. I've never tutored before, but I want to try.

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