Monday, March 15, 2010

Toby is Doomed

There is glucose in his urine. He's diabetic, a juvinile diabetic kitten. It's congenital, the vet thinks.

I am debating his fate. I am angry and sad at the same time, because I know I should have him euthanized. And this is soley because I cannot afford to keep a diabetic kitten here nor does he have any chance of finding a home.

Seems so wrong to kill him over the cost of caring for him. Just the diagnostics on him today are going to break me.

I am angry at the assholes in Albany who abandon cats like so much trash on a daily basis, without any regard or respect for life. I am angry at the celebrated illiteracy, apathy and the selfishness that propels people to get pets on a whim, then let them have kittens, then abandon them.

I am angry I care, actually, about this sweet little boy and want to save his life.


  1. I feel your pain with power tool noise from here.. I too,have a neighbor with all these gizmos..he even uses the leafblower on his roof and gutters!!...
    And the chainsaw noise,is only just getting started for the firewood suppliers...yeesh!..
    We can only hope,all those behind these contraptions,have no hearing protection on,and will be deaf soon..but then,we'll end up with deaf,old yours!...let's dig a moat!...

  2. I have an adult diabetic cat. She was on glipizide (oral medication) and what my vet calls the "catkins" diet - high protein / low carbs. No dry food, canned only.

    Purina Proplan kitten food chicken & liver is goodbut costs about 75 cents / small can. There are a couple of Fancy Feast - turkey & giblets with olive green label and beef feast with brown label - that do not list corn gluten or wheat gluten on label. My local Wal-mart sells FF for 48 cents / can and currently there's a 'stuck to can' coupon good for $1 off 18 cans. I stocked up on coupon cans as the coupon is good through December 2010.

    My cat is doing so well that just over a year on and she's now stabilized with diet only, no need for medication.

    Cats are Type II diabetics, much easier to treat than dogs.

    Good luck with the kitten.


  3. This is a kitten and has type 1 diabetes, if anything. This is NOT adult onset type 2 diabetes primarily caused by diet. I have no way to seperate him and his food from other the 33 other cats here. I just paid $250 for his diagnostics alone, which was stupid, because I didn't have it.

  4. Here's a link to Cornell University article about diabetes in kittens:

    Reads as if it could be either type I or type II diabetes.

  5. I was reading about it, too - that explains the wobbly rear legs and walking...symptomatic of type 1 diabetes in cats. Poor toby! Poor you! that sucks for real - oh course you care - you had him, then he was in foster care, then back, then adopted, then back = you've been thru a lot with this little guy. I feel attached to him simply from naming him.

    what, if anything, is being done now? Just waiting to make a decision? Or has he been started on insulin or anything?

  6. No, he isn't. He is supposed to go back to be tested again Wednesday, then an all day once an hour test. I don't have the money for all this, or the energy. He came back here, on the chance I can find him somewhere to go, someone who will take on such a cat. If I can't find him someone, then he is going to have to be euthanized, unfortunately.