Thursday, March 04, 2010

Old Couple Out Gassed Me

The younger smaller of two males fixed yesterday. The old couple said this indeed is one of the calico's five kittens, now all adults. The other two of her adult kittens trapped so far: an orange tabby with some white on face and a black and white female.
This huge male caught by the old couple, fixed yesterday, had a head the size of a grapefruit, but seemed mild mannered.
Monster male again. The vet and his staff were impressed!

I'm worn out. I had to call the old couple tonight and ask they close the traps an hour earlier than usual. They've showed me up!

Of course it was me driving over there after 11:00 last night to pick up their latest catch--yet another black and white.

I couldn't sleep in the night, had all this work to do once home finally, taking care of the Adair cat, the two black and whites from the oldies, the homeless camp cats and Crusty, too, then all mine.

Well anyhow. After I finally got to bed, I got awakened when Miss Daisy got startled. She sleeps across my face. She got startled awake when Electra stepped on her and Miss Daisy swatted towards Electra. Only she snagged my eyelid, scratching it.

Miss Daisy is not the best shot. In fact, she's clumsy and not athletic but very enthusiastic, which makes up for any lacks.

After that, I finally got to bed and fell asleep for a few hours, before waking to my early alarm. I wanted to get the two cats from the Oldies, in traps in my car, fixed and returned a.s.a.p. I called the vet in Wilsonville. They said "Bring them up." I did, along with Crusty. Crusty needed an eye evaluation. He has drastically improved but my feeling is that he has that genetic thing with recessed eyes and inturned eyelashes and kinked up tear ducts. I was right.

Without expensive surgery, he won't have permanent improvement. Some vets do a nip and tuck, that is fairly effective, and flips the lower lid out away from the eye. I might see how much the Neuterscooter vet would charge to do that, if they ever come through Oregon again. For now, tomorrow, he will go back to the trailer park.

He also had his ears cleaned out and treated for earmites.

Both the black and whites from the Spirte Oldies were males. I returned them already. They're still after three cats, but it is down to three finally.

After going back and forth to get those cats, and do all sorts of erands today, I am zonkered tired. So I called the Oldies up and said "Close those traps please. I must sleep." They said, "Have a very good night." And, "How many traps did you leave set over here? I was sure it was three, but I can't find them." So I told him again where the two traps are, even though they are in the exact same place they have been for ten days.

Now, if I could only find my keys and my toothebrush.


  1. Amazing work!

    I got a pair of cheap plastic safety goggles years ago - the kind that are kind of like eye glasses but cover on all sides. I think I paid 1.99... anyway, I sleep with those on. Saves my eyes.

  2. That's funny Chriss. Am picturing that! In handling thousands of feral cats, netting them scruffing them, I've been damaged the worse by my own pampered tame kitties. Once, when showering at the shack before a doctor appointment, I heard a terrible cat fight going on. It was Miss Daisy outside one window, when I first got her, and Bangor, my Maine Coon, who liked terrorize her, inside that window above the kitchen sink. Buck naked a reached up to pull Bangor down, and she turned and tore into my arm, biting me repeatedly and scratching my arm wrist to elbow. It was ugly. Displaced aggression. I should have known better. I was still dripping blood when I arrived at my doctors' office for an unrelated complaint. He just stared at my arm and shook his head, offered antibiotics which I declined.

  3. It's probably funny looking too, but only the cats see it. :)

    Since I rescued the 3 feral kittens late last year, I'm sure the safety glasses have saved me several times, as I've been repeatedly run-over in the night during chase games.

    And I only have one good eye anyway, so I can't take more chances. Anyway, it's something you might want to consider. :)

  4. I keep their nails trimmed, or try to. Miss Daisy hates having them trimmed and she is actually the hardest of any of my cats to trim. This was a freak occurance and usually never happens. Never say never, they say, however. Do you have cats left needing fixed? The FCCO Corvallis clinis are back on, taken over by some young folks, students, which is always wonderful. I know Corvallis is a long ways, but.....the clinic is March 21 I think, if you are interested.

  5. I DO but I also have appts. I took some this week and will have more going in next week. I'm having a bit of trouble catching the ones I really want, though. Of course, that's normal. :)

    Do you have details or a web site where I can get information just in case?

  6. It is the FCCO. You're familiar with them, right? Website: Look for the programs and services tab up top then click "clinic schedule" and scroll down to the Corvallis one. You have to call to register. It's the same number as for the old coordinator but it's actually not him anymore. It's OSU students coordinating. You call the number, ask for a certain number of reservations, they call you back. You can review all the clinic and cat qualifications on the main site.