Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lovable Loo, No Water Bucket Toilet Compost the Waste!

This is fascinating actually. Click the post title to go to the website of a man who makes and uses the lovaable loo, a snazzy looking box, basically to house a five gallon bucket that is where your waste is deposited when you go.

You cover your waste afterwards with sawdust. This takes away any odor and begins the composting process.

He has two compost bins and videos on how to make them. He composts the waste with other organic matter including fats and meat leftovers, which are generally no no's in compost although I've never known why. The waste composts for a year at least before he uses it on his garden.

In one video he made, he did a trial, planting peppers in three plots. One plot of nine pepper plants went in without any compost. The second nine peppers got humane compost made with wood shavings, which he generally does not believe are very useful, due to high surface area of the shaving, compared to sawdust. These plants fared far better than those planted without any compost. The third plot of peppers was planted in humane manure composted in sawdust and other organic kitchen and yard waste. This last plot of peppers did the best.

I have long thought it would be great to compost the cats litter, instead of putting it in the dumpster. I think I'm going to try it, since I use wood pellet fuel anyhow as cat litter, the kind with no added anything. This disintegrates to sawdust when wet. I am going to start a small project composting this waste. Would it not be great if shelters handed over their waste to composters? This would require a switch for some shelters to biodegradable litters like pellet fuel, but many already use wood pellets because they are cheaper and don't create such a mucky mess as do the clumping and clay litters.

Jeanne, I hope you don't mind, but I've decided to get you the Lovable Loo for your birthday. You're going to love it! So will your family!

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