Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Suppose I'm Fed Up. Check Out My Post On Craigslist

Before it's flagged.....

Want to Locate Persons who Abandoned pregnant Black female cat on 4th

Date: 2010-03-15, 11:47PM PDT
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Last fall, a tame pregnant black cat was abandoned in the vicinity of the 600 block of 4th street in Albany. She then had kittens under a house. The costs of rescueing those kittens, getting all four fixed, vaccinated, flea treated, etc, needs to fall on the shoulders of the person or persons who abandoned the kitty in the first place. This will include the costs of treating one of the three kittens, born to the abandoned black mom cat, under the house, who has diabetes. I am fed up with such actions, that occur seemingly daily in Albany and the willingness of people to cause suffering and to let others bear the costs of their cruelty. I want to have words with the person who abandoned that pregnant mom. Hey, lets take it out in the alley. I'm fed up. I may be older and kind of beat up, but I am fed up and yeah, let's have this out the old fashioned way, Mr. or Mrs. animal abandoner in the vicinity of the 600 block of SW 4th in Albany. I am including a picture of the black mom cat abandoned and her little boy, who now is likely going to die of diabetes before he reaches six months of age because I'm too broke to fund his care. Ok, name the time, and you, animal abuser, and me, we will have this out.

While I am at it, who abandoned the gray male, unneutered near same location, who came flopping up the sidewalk, his rear leg mangled by a dog attack that had happened quite some time before and he was trying to survive by flopping around. Yes, I helped him too. His leg had to be amputated, that poor boy and such a sweetheart, such a kind gentle soul. I'd like to know who abandoned him, too, and why that person thought it was ok to do so, and to let him suffer like that. I am not sad I helped him out, or Black Pearl either, the abandoned pregnant mom, but I am getting overloaded with the abuse and abandonment in these parts and I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many people do these things, as a way of life, just leave them behind, with no regard for life. It's getting to me. I'm including a photo of him too. I want to know who the people are who walked away from a commitment like that, to let their cats suffer on their own.


  1. You said it, sister! This post needs to be on a billboard in every city across the US. I wish the abusers and abandoners knew the havoc they wreak on the innocent cats they throw out like yesterday's trash AND the people who come along to clean up the mess. It is all exhausting and neverending.
    Thank you, as always, for everything you do!!!!!

  2. Damn right. They cause ripples of suffering, sorrow and costs.