Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grasshopper Explosion?

There may be an explosion of grasshoppers this summer, in the midwest. Click the post title to go to the story. But, in some places, this would be seen as a boon, places where grasshoppers are eaten. I bet I would eat them, too, if hungry. I bet they could be prepared in many different ways. Including chocolate covered!

If things went sour with the economy, I already have planned what I will feed my cats. I suppose many people wouldn't like it, but I will raise mice for them. Also, there is no need to go hungry, if the need was severe, I would eat nutria. Their fur would not be wasted, as it is waterproof and would make good boots. I do not believe it is right or wise to waste parts of an animal, if you find it recently dead or must kill to survive.

Anyhow, there is lots of talk from the right wingers about revolution and violence. This is scary stuff, to think fellow Americans would take up arms against other Americans. It's like what happens in Iraq and in Africa. But it is good always to know what you might do to survive, if everything collapsed, including transportation and hence the food supply, since almost nothing is grown and sold locally.

That Lovable Loo toilet is one way to have an indoor toilet and compost your own waste to then use to have good fertilizer to grow vegetables you can eat.

I think the easiest vegetable to grow is squash, from pumpkins to zucchini. They pretty much grow themselves. The good thing about many squash plants is you can also dry and then eat the seeds which have a lot of protein.

I don't like watching the news anymore. There is very little positive reported, but when there is positive, it is cause for celebration. Those who can maintain a sense of humor and kindness in our violent judgemental world, they're heros to me.

When I see bad news stories, like the impending grasshopper population explosion, I try to think of ways it could be good. Like eating grasshoppers. That many could feed a lot of people for a very long time.

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