Friday, March 05, 2010

Crusty Leaving Today

Crusty is going back to the trailer park today. I have no place for him. He'll be fed there, as he has been since someone dumped or abandoned him. If I come up with somewhere for him, I know where he'll be. If I come up with a vet willing to try to help his eye condition, and the money to get that done, I know where to find him.

It's too bad the guy doesn't have a home, but he has people who feed him and now he is neutered, flea free, worm free and his earmites are dead and gone. At least there's that.

The Adair female will join her brothers at the barn home probably Sunday. In the meantime, she's eating up a storm in a cage in the garage.

As for the four homeless camp cats in my spare bedroom, not sure where they will go yet, but Bling, the huge black male, is settling in and wants to be petted. I also petted the long hair tabby, Martha, the other day. She hid her head, but seemed to like it. All four play wildly at night and now I have the bedroom door open during the day, with the screen door closed, so they can see the rest of the cats and interact in their own way.

Am still trying to come up with homes, like for Toby and Teddy and Tugs and Mums and Matilda. I've had a few inquiries but nothnig serious. Some of these cats need to go with their buddies or they just won't make it at a new home. The vet up in Wilsonville says I better resign myself to caring for them for a long time. He described people he has run into, who board horses. Three different horse boarders have had people just walk away, disappear, leaving their horses behind at the boarding facility, without any viable way to contact them. This is causing great angst amongst horse boarding facilities.

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  1. If you will be caring for them a long time they become like family then, unfortunately, and that makes it harder to place them. Have you heard from the woman who adopted doc? How is he doing?

    Its a shame re: those horses boarders - horses are expensive to keep and I guess no one is buying today if folks are deserting them.