Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Caught Third Adair Black

I caught the black long hair in Adair this morning. It is not the neutered relocated boy. Her face is round, nose petite. This is going to be a girl, the third kitten. If she is still alive, I wonder if the fourth kitten they fed is, the gray. Well, we'll see.

Also going up today, another male and a female in heat, from just outside Jefferson. These are owned by the woman who took in four of the trailer park males I got fixed, and the offspring of a stray in that neighborhood. The four trailer park males are doing just fine, the trailer park woman says, at her friends place there, outside Jefferson. The woman opened the garage where they were contained, but just a window, so they can come and go, and leaves food in the garage and on a ledge. This has worked great for them.

Photos are of the male, being fixed today and the Adair black. Didn't get a photo of the other Jefferson cat.

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