Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cats Here Photos

Starr, from the homeless camp, and Teddy's sister.
Shady, from the BS colony. The BS (Big Situation or Bullshit colony) was located amongst houses along a short dead end street outside Albany where I got about 140 cats fixed, rehoming many. I still have Mops, Buffy and Shady from the BS colony here.
Shaulin, still here, from the Albany Street of Bengals colony, where I got 22 cats, most Bengals, fixed, and took out four worm puffed kittens, including Shaulin. Her brothers soooo social and sweet and got homes quickly, as did a black kitten from same colony.
Tugs, from the Shovel Killer Neighbor colony in Lebanon. I took 12 cats from there. An old lady fed them and a neighbor, a Christian neighbor no less, offered to kill them all with a shovel. What an ugly Christian soul. I also still have Mums and Matilda from that same group.
Vision, my very ancient river cat.
Teddy, from the homeless camp, and Calamity, abandoned with her mom and two siblings, one of whom was killed by dogs, just off Marian street. And Sam, of course, from MIllersburg.
Poppy, who was born under a building on 34th street to a mother cat abandoned there by tenants.
Peter, from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Panda, from Lebanon. SafeHaven asked me to trap cats fed by a relative of a worker there. There were supposed to be four, but I trapped 11 and the four kittens were so matted they could not lift their chin from the chest. So they stayed with me. Panda and Solomon are still here from those four.

Some had pellet gun holes through their ears. The woman who fed them was pregnant and her impregnator would not get off the couch. He would watch sports on one TV while playing video games on another while bragging about fathering 5 kids already. He was 19 and lazy as hell. I could not help but tell him so, as I struggled over and around his lazy ass with heavy traps with cats in them. When he finally agreed to help carry them to my car, all he could do was complain how that made his back hurt. I wanted to punch out his lazy whining entitlement reproducing face.
Panda again.
Starr from the homeless camp, with Oci, abandoned in Millersburg.
Mops, from the BS colony.
Martha, from the homeless camp.
James, from the homeless camp.
Jade, the flat footed teen mom, from the Millersburg garage.
Honey, from the homeless camp.
Buffy, from the BS colony.
Brambles, from the HTN colony, which was on the same street where I am now helping the old couple.
Brambles again.
Bling, the big black male from the homeless camp.
Gretchen, from highway 34. She and her brother were dumped outside SafeHaven, on a freezing and bitterly windy stormy night. I saw them shoulder to shoulder walking the edge of highway 34. They were just skinny teens. I spent three days and nights in that terrible windstorm out after them. I got both plus a black tame female, too. Hansel, Gretal's brother, got a home. So did the black female. Gretal is still here. I remember that night, pulling up alongside the orange tabby teen, hunkered down twenty feet off the road in this terrible blasting wind and freezing rain. He wouldn't move. Then I saw he was covering Gretal, his sister, protecting her, in that awful cold, from the freezing howling wind. That's why I stayed out there for three days and nights, to save them.
Feather from the rest area. I trapped her a year ago Christmas in several nights spent at the rest area during the holidays looking for a lost Siamese.
Dex, one of my own.
Comet, among 16 kittens I took from one carport in a seedy Albany trailer park one summer, along with getting about 90 other cats fixed. Comet was the only kitten I couldn't find a home for, before I had major back surgery.


  1. I know how you feel because I haven't had much luck finding homes either. *Sigh*

    "He would watch sports on one TV while playing video games on another while bragging about fathering 5 kids already" ...reminds me of the movie, Idiocracy. It was funny and sadly so true.

    I don't suppose you have any kitties who like to travel in the car? That's one thing I miss is a kitty who likes to travel with me. I give them all test trips just in case but so far there's nobody like my beloved late Flojo.

  2. Beautiful cats! Doesn't Comet look just like his Mom except she is gray where he is black.

  3. Honey has gotten so big!!! she was just a teensy weensy skinny little thing last september! they all look adorable, of course - panda's coloring is a riot!