Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bling is Tame

Bling, the big black male from the homeless camp, who has been waiting here forever to go to a barn home, with three others from the camp, is completely tame now. He has cozied up to Crusty, in a subdominant manner, and wants petted all the time. Creates a dilemma for me, of course.

For sure the other three are going to the home today. I set up a table for the cage to sit on yesterday. Today I took the cage over and set it up. So everything's ready for them.

Below are some close ups of the two boys, from seperate hard luck stories, who now have bonded, although Crusty is annoyed somewhat by Bling's adoration of him. Crusty, is the tabby on white boy, nearly blind, who needs eye surgery, and Bling is a young huge black male born in a homeless camp.


  1. bling is like a fat weezie.
    is the adoption lead for crusty going to work ok? if only they could take bling too..
    i know what you mean about scammers & people in general. it's almost like the ecomony now is making it worse and more will lie for money.

  2. Both adoption options for Crusty fell through, but there is someone in Eugene and also in Corvallis, willing to help pay for his surgery. Tomorrow I'm going to contact the vet to get that going immediately. I am torn on Bling, because that home option is pretty darn good, the outside home. They get lots of love there, from several people. He can't be inside, but he would sure get a lot of attention if he wanted it there. Might be the best.

  3. Bling looks like a big fat sweetie - I could just squeeze him! hahaha...So what will the surgery cost? I know you got a quote from one vet that sounded a bit high - did you hear from the other one? I'll help in some way ...