Monday, February 15, 2010

Updated Teddy, Honey and Shaulin Photos

I call them the five rampaging teens. They are the five cats from last summer's rescues who never got homes. Calamity from Lyons street, among 8 cats I got fixed there. She was abandoned with her mother, sister and brother. The brother disappeared. The mother is still being fed over there while her sister, Isis, a beautiful Siamese, was adopted. The other five were another abandoned mom and her kittens. Then there is Shaulin. I took in her and two brothers when getting over 20 Bengal and Bengal mix cats fixed around an Albany house. Her brothers were far more social and got homes immediately. Shaulin is still waiting. Then the there are the three muskateers from the homeless camp: Honey, Teddy and Starr.

Here are updated photos of three of the five rampaging teens: Teddy, Honey and Shaulin.

Shaulin, from street of Bengals, in Albany.
Lovable Teddy, outgoing and funny, from the homeless camp.
Teddy again.
Honey with Teddy.
Honey again.
And Honey once again.

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