Thursday, February 04, 2010


I get a call. The woman wants information about the situation with the woman taking in cats. Something sounds very off. Why do people have to lie?

She says she lives near the woman and wants to get rid of three cats to get some breed of aggressive dog I've never heard of, so the cats have to go, because she's not really a cat person and the dog might hurt the cats. She claims she's had other problems with dogs in the past hurting cats.

She wants to know all these details about the place where she wants to take these cats. I tell her to go check it out herself. I tried to be polite but it isn't polite to steal someone's elses time. It's selfish.

I tell her to ask the woman to let her come out and check the property. I warn her about predators in the country and tell her about those poor people on Lacomb Drive, the ones I helped get about 24 cats fixed for, that have been killed one by one by predators in horrible fashion. I tell her the cats are always better off to stay where they are. I tell her that over and over, but she keeps on asking things. In the end, I tell her I'm busy, and have to go, and I wanted to know who is handing out my number. She said it was an e-mail address, something like don't even something mister at yahoo.

I'm so tired still, from the warehouse situation. Why can't people leave me alone? I have helped many many people and used my own pathetic money to do so, and the reward is, well what is it, I can barely justify getting out of bed anymore.

When she hangs up, I check what number she called from. It was actually the woman herself, from the situation, lying, to bait me. Such behavior takes away my faith in humanity. Has she not cost me enough, with those other cats? I do not know anything anymore except that I am so tired I can barely function. And, that I want to run away more so than ever.

Here is something I learned that is useful: if you act crazy people will think you are crazy. If you lie, people will regard you as a liar.

One message to the woman who called, since she indicated she reads this blog: if you post around Oregon, where people are passionate about their animals, that you want to take in 90 or so cats, people will question you on motives for doing so. You should expect that, as I would. That is one brave proud trait left alive in Oregon: passion and compassion. I hope that this value remains celebrated and never becomes a ridiculed value.

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