Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plea from FBI over Info on the Nine Middle East Men Seen Photographing Detroit Dam

Click the post title to go to the local paper story. I posted something about this, from the crime log, awhile back. Now there is another story in the local paper. The FBI is asking the public for help in finding these men, photographed by a security worker at the Detroit Dam. Apparently the nine men were photographing the dam and access roads. This might be very very important to locate these people.

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When I posted about this before, a lot of people e-mailed making jokes about why in the world terrorists would target struggling rural Oregon, especially a remote dam like Detroit or Foster. If Foster failed it would likely flood Lebanon and lot of grass fields, but not much else. And Detroit is so far out, I don't know exactly where that water would go. Lebanon and this area in general is full of poor people and grass seed fields. Destroying poor people's homes or grass seed farms would scarcely make any point at all, even to the United States.

But it is weird to think there might be members of a terror cell living in the mid valley here. Very unsettling. I hope the FBI gets to the bottom of this.

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