Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out of My Mind Exhausted

It's catching up to me. First, I never recovered from trapsing around the homeless camp, after the three not yet fixed teens and others to relocate to a barn home. Fast track onto that, settling in the five camp cats, until they could be relocated.

Today, I did take the two younger boys, James and Peter, to the warehouse they will now call home. I hope it works out for them. Martha and Bling remain here, as I decided why return them, when I will have to relocate them eventually, and probably sooner rather than later. They may go to a barn home in two weeks. Maybe less. I just have to catch two more of the adults.

I found one of the three teens a home, after she was fixed.

Then add on the trailer park situation, which turned into a nightmare of huge males, who would fight and pee on everything. I trapped 8 in the end, one of them already fixed from a year ago. The person feeding had a friend who offered to take some of them on as barn cats. She had a garage set up to contain them.

We dutifully hauled all 8 into the garage, way out somewhere, late last night, only to discover three were tame. We decided to return them to the park. They're probably not owned, no way to tell if they have no id, because abandonment rates are so high in Albany.

But they're back on home turf. The fourth cat, the male with the bad eyes, is here, for now, because he needs eye treatment. In the meantime, they trapped another brown tabby, this one an in heat young female. And when I returned the three boys this morning, I saw the long hair female, another short hair young tabby and a huge Siamese male. Three more to catch there.

Then, I got involved with an older couple feeding six strays, plus some roam in males, on the same street where Brambles comes from, where I trapped over 70 cats, well a lot of them were owned and tame and not trapped, just hauled off with owner approval to be fixed.

I've only trapped two so far there, both big roam in males, and none of the six primaries.

And then, if that was not enough, a few days ago, my own cat, Electra, began having massive problems with her jaw. Her tongue out to the side and by yesterday, puss was oozing from her chin. She was in severe pain. I took her in today and turned out there was infection all around the wire holding her jaw together from where she broke it last March. The infection had finally erupted outward through her skin and so the wire had to be removed and the infection cleaned up. She's home, on pain meds and antibiotics. I was up half last night with her, before I took her in this morning. NOt much sleep last night.

I've been dozing in my car, when trapping, and even at the vet clinic, while waiting for cats to be done. My shoulder is swollen and the nerve inflamed, or pinched, down my right arm again. Pain warps my judgement tonight. I'm going to bed early.

I've got three cats caught for tomorrow, two from Marilyn St. and the tabby in heat from the trailer park. And if that's all I take, that's just fine. I'll still have six to catch on Marilyn and three at the park, but sometimes, old cat trappers need a break.

Especially when that old fart cat trappers' birthday is just a couple days off. No plans, however. That big fun party never materialized. I'll probably celebrate scrunched up on the four foot love seat snoring away.

But jeanne from Balimore bought me a new havahart live trap, which is coming in the mail and I am very very grateful and excited! Woohooo!


  1. I so wanted to send you their "party in a box" but I just didn't have the five thousand bucks they wanted for included a naked island guy who speaks imperfect english but it doesn't matter because he's naked and well built and tanned...and loves cats...

    by the way, i sent you something else from amazon a bit more affordable than partyinabox in addition to the trap....something more fun than a trap.

    and you'll still get a small birthday package from me whenever the snow lets me outta here!

  2. What in the world could be more fun than a live trap?

    Except the island guy, who speaks nearly perfect English, although language is oft so unneeded, really.

    And an island. And a beach. And the sun bearing down. And an azure sea. But other than these things, what on God's green earth could be more fun than a live trap?

  3. yes, the island guy with his tropical island is definitely more fun than a live trap...and on his island cats are born sterile (thats probably an oxymoron of sorts!)...its a magical magical place....

  4. I LOVE magical magical places and the one you are sending me to, it sure sounds magical magical. I can't wait get that ticket to ride.