Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OMG! Another Male at the Big Boys Colony

We relocated four of the big boys tonight, the ones she knew were ones she fed and strays. The others will be released back at the park. We discovered the other three, two orange cats and a black one, are tame. The tabby on white needs treatment for his eye infection. The original colony caretaker will do that.

If the three tame ones show up again, she's going to try to get them into SafeHaven. Good for her.

We thought we had caught all but the in heat female. She had decided to keep the Momma cat, the one I got fixed a year ago October, for her neighbor, who then died.

It seems every unfixed male in Albany is showing up at her trailer. She is so fed up she's about to boil over. The fighting and spray marking has been going on for a month now, all over that one unfixed female who still needs caught.

She is mad as hell at irresponsible pet owners too. Good for her! That's rightful rage.

Anyhow, unfixed male number 8 got in a trap I had loaned her late tonight. Unfixed big boy number 8. No females yet, just a whole lot of big fighting spray marking boys. I told her, "don't be upset, think of the good all this has done for the cats and for that neighborhood, even though that neighborhood is not a very responsible one and immensely ungrateful." I also told her "Good for us for getting this done." And it's true. It needed done.

Some people sit on their asses, get cats, let them breed and then complain about everything on earth. Other people take action and solve problems others create. The world is a much kinder better place because of the latter group. Yay for us!

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