Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Mother's Son is Killed

A terrible accident occurred today just south of Albany on 99E near Wilco Feed store. A Baranburg Seed truck made a right turn, from old 34, onto 99E, heading north towards Albany and somehow clipped a jogging stroller on the sidewalk with a rear tire, killed the toddler in the stroller, ripping the stroller from his mother's hands in the process.

Witnesses described a mother's screams, a crushed stroller and a plastic tarp laid across the little boy's body.

How shocking and terrible to even consider this accident and know what that mother is going through.

That truck driver is likely going through his own kind of hell.

It's hard to imagine how it happened but it could have happened this way. I can see the stroller and mom waiting for the truck to turn, so they could continue south, and realizing too late, the truck was cutting the corner and not being able to get out of the way.

It's happened to me in a car, with a truck cutting a corner and me having to try to back up so as not to be clipped. Maybe she'd set the stroller brakes while waiting to cross the street, and couldn't unbrake the stroller quick enough. I think it was double trailer he was pulling with the rear one empty, meaning lighter weight and jumping around.

Nonetheless, the truck drivers who do not judge corners well and feel everyone else should get out of their way are an issue on our roads.

I don't know that he cut the corner with the rear trailer. It seems such an unlikely accident. If the mom with the stroller was headed south and he was turning north, how in the world could they not see each other? The news reports are now saying the stroller was not in the crosswalk when hit but on the sidewalk.

What a horrible tragedy occurred today, just south of Albany, on a rainy dismal day. A little boy was ripped from his mothers hands and crushed beneath the wheels of commercial truck as his mothers screams pierced the already gloomy damp winter gray.

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