Friday, February 05, 2010

I Couldn't Help

A woman called me yesterday. She had a business client who told her about cats, 16 or so, maybe more, somewhere in rural Linn, that an old man used to feed, but no longer does. She just wanted them fixed and I said I could help with that. So she gave my number to the woman in the know about it who finally called today.

But she wants them gone, not fixed. Nobody will feed the cats, even if they got fixed. So, she really was hoping I would agree to take in 15 or more cats. I told her I was very sorry but I can't take that many cats on, that the expense of taking in that many cats was too much for me, and that finding homes is very hard. I told her if they would find htem homes, I could then help, get them fixed and to their new home and set up. But that was more than she wanted to do.

I asked if anyone would feed them where they are, if they are fixed, and she said she couldn't imagine anyone taking on feeding 15 cats.

I am still trying to think of a solution. I called the original woman back who is also trying to think up some solution.

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