Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

I did get called by a Three Lakes Road woman, so I went off hiatus already! I got five adults fixed for her last fall. She had four kittens living under the house then, with ringworm, so they could not be fixed then. One black and white kitten had it far worse than the others. Now they are long over the ringworm and need fixed. Plus a male cat her son had, that he then left there, at his parents house, is not neutered and needs to be, she said. She caught only three of the four kittens, now teenagers, so those three, plus the adult male from their adult son, are being fixed today.

Big Ben is now in the bathroom. He just loves to be cradled in my arms. He's just a big baby with a perfectly pink mouth. No sign of FIV. He's not that old either. His teeth and gums look young, like barely into adulthood, which is strange considering his massive size. He could get even bigger.Two of the three kittens now teens being fixed today.
These are the kittens when I first met them. I held them in my garage until I could catch the adults, since they were starved and would just go into any trap. Both black and whites then had ringworm. They don't now and look good. All the cats there at that time were full of worms and flea ridden. Now the adults look very healthy. The double crypt mostly white big adult male has disappeared however. He has not been seen for at least a month, maybe longer.
The kittens again, while here several months ago, when I was trapping the adults.
The Siamese and one of the black and white teens today, just before getting fixed.
The son's male, being neutered today.This is the other black and white teen being fixed today. She couldn't catch the black teen, who is more shy. These three teens are all rather tame.
Of the five adults I got fixed for this same family last fall, two females and three males, this male, a double crypt, has since disappeared.

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